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Last week we got a little bigger, a little better, and a little smarter.

How’d we do that?

We welcomed Kim Ottinger and Katelynn Casler into our warm embrace.

Kim joined the Claims crew as an administrative assistant. She brings over 10 years’ industry experience with her, along with an unbridled love for the Denver Broncos. (Yes, we just did something fun with “bridled” and “Broncos.”)

Katelynn is Ashton Tiffany’s new HR administrator. She graduated from an Arizona university that is neither ASU nor U of A, so we’re hoping she can mediate the Sun Devil-Wildcat rivalry that occasionally roils our campus.

Both Kim and Katelynn have had big smiles on their faces since they joined us, but they couldn’t be half as happy to be here as we are to have them.

Welcome, you two!

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