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Whatever you may have heard, Seinfeld was never a show about nothing. It was about manners, about interpersonal etiquette, about small but meaningful social customs (and often about the violation of those customs).

And it was unremittingly funny about those things. Unlike its forebears in the sitcom genre, Seinfeld never, ever showed a serious, grown-up side. There was no Henry Blake plane crash, no final goodbye between Sam and Diane, no “very special” episodes. Seinfeld had a no-learning, no-growing policy.

At Ashton Tiffany, we love Seinfeld…but this is real life and real work, not Thursday TV. So, we learn. And we grow. And then we tell you about it here.

Recently, for example, Jeff Costello and Bob Wennersten both received their Certificate in Safety Management, or CSM. Each claims it was his idea.

Mike Coppa got his Associate Safety Professional certification, and hasn’t had so much as a shaving nick since.

Aaron Genaro could have stopped at the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) designation, but he isn’t built that way. He stretched and got the ARM-P (the public entity specialization). Next, he’ll be looking into the Q.

Lilly Martinez scored her Professional Recruiter Certification. Now she can write an offer on a piece of paper, fold it up, and slide it across the table without ever breaking eye contact.

Finally, Ray Valencia was appointed to the board of the Claims Litigation Management Alliance, Arizona Chapter. He’s got Ashton Tiffany sponsoring an education and networking event for the organization on June 17. There’s even talk of finger foods.


So, there it is: the latest news on feathers in our caps. There will be more like it next quarter. Until then, I’ll be working on the Penske file.

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