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Risk management can be dry, technical stuff. At its heart, though, it’s about protecting things that matter to people.

We were reminded of this recently when the Industrial Commission of Arizona (ICA) invited us to lead a panel on a workplace injury case with an inspiring outcome. And boy, did we have a story to tell.

A school electrician covered through our workers’ compensation pool, the Alliance, had suffered a 30-foot fall from a scissor lift. His injuries were severe: fractured skull, ruptured eye socket, broken back, broken ribs, punctured lung, fractured hand, and cuts and bruises all over his body. Needless to say, he was in very bad shape. In fact, he was in a coma for a week.

Gruesome story right? And a likely lifetime of dependency, right?

Not so fast. Four months after his fall, our electrician was back on the job.

How did that happen?

A big part of the answer is that he’s a tough, determined SOB. But part of the answer, too, is that the Alliance supports intensive rehabilitation designed to return injured employees to productive work as quickly as possible.

It’s what employees want. It’s what their employers want. So it’s what we work to deliver.

Dawn Chambers, an Alliance claims supervisor who was deeply involved in this case, organized, and then led, the panel that told the whole story. She’s a pro, and we feel lucky to have her.

We also feel lucky that we get frequent reminders of the human side of risk management—stories like this—and real-life proof that we’re making a difference.

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