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Caitlin Ostrander Health care risk management

Being at Ashton Tiffany means doing big things. So when our HR director, Tom Carr, recently had a chance to hire a new employee, he said, “One would be good. Two, though, would be great. And three? Well, my friends, that’s the stuff legacies are made of.”

So please, make the acquaintance of our three new employees.

First is Caitlin Ostrander. Her surname is Dutch, which means her ancestors are from the Netherlands, which is also sometimes referred to as Holland. That’s pretty high maintenance for a country, but Caitlin’s just the opposite: She likes simple things like hiking and going to the movies. Weirdly, she majored in earth and space exploration at ASU, but then gravitated toward a career in health care risk management with us. (She gravitated. It’s wordplay.)

Here’s Caitlin:



Next is Robert Strub (pronounced “stroob”). He used to be a military cop; a firefighter; and an EMT. When there’s trouble, we call Strub…and then stop, drop, and roll at our own discretion. He’s traveled all over the world, but when he realized he could find more than a globe’s worth of adventure at Ashton Tiffany, he came back to Phoenix, signed on with us as a loss control associate, and shredded his passport. (He won’t be needing it now that we’ve found each other.)

This is Robert:



Finally, we give you Justin Smith. He doesn’t have a showy last name like Ostrander or Strub, but they didn’t play college football, either. (He did.) Justin dreams of fly fishing in Canada, but curiously refers to that as a “sport.” When challenged, he says, “Smith on offense. Fish on defense.” Hard to argue with that. We’re excited to have Justin join us as a workers’ comp claims adjuster. (BTW, if you know a great chicken wing place, let Justin know. These young guys eat whatever the hell they want.)

Here, we present Justin:


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