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Echo Papa

To celebrate the arrival of our new legal nurse consultant, Denise Ford, we’ve invited our friend Steve Hemingway to guest-write her bio. Yes, he’s from that Hemingway family. But Steve tells us he has a style all his own.

Here’s Steve with Denise’s bio:


Denise Ford was born in Glendale, California. Glendale is a fine city, with parks and roomy boulevards as pleasant as those in Paris or Havana.

Working as a nurse, Denise had seen many terrible things. But these things did not wreck her. When they pulled her close, when they gave her hell, she reflected on Glendale. This brought her comfort. Sickness and death could not take Glendale from her.

Away from work, she would go to the trattoria. Depending on the season, she might order cioppino or a short glass of Amarone. Always, the owner Lorenzo would bring her a small pastry, perhaps a plate of hazelnuts. There was too little kindness like this in the world, she thought.

In very quiet times, she dreamt of Bora Bora, with its coconut trees, bungalows, and burning blue waters. If only she could get to Bora Bora, things might be different. But there were dogs to feed, and a new job. She loved these things, but they demanded their price.

Today, then, she would not let herself dream. Perhaps tomorrow. Tomorrow was a promise that still might be kept.


All right, so it turns out Steve has a style that’s all someone else’s. But that’s okay! We’ll just call it an homage and let you say hi and good luck to Denise:


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