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Wood or Silverware? You Decide

You’ve probably heard the one about the couple on a first date. The guys says, “I’m tired of talking about me. Why don’t you talk about me for a while?”

We’re going to talk about ourselves a little here, but we’re also going to ask someone else to take the baton and run with it. Here’s what we’ll say:

For the fifth year running, Ashton Tiffany was recognized by AZ Central as a Top Company to Work for in Arizona. Official logo in 3, 2, 1…

We are delighted and proud (and most definitely not humbled) to be recognized once again. We work hard to make this a great place to work. We think you spend too much of your life at the office for “work” to be a four-letter word.

Enough of that. We’ll let the AZ Central blurb do the rest of the talking:

Two years ago, the principals of Ashton Tiffany set out to create a work environment where employees were recognized, appreciated and given room to perform their duties in their own style. Employee feedback, input and participation (are) encouraged throughout the year, not just at review time, and everyone has a personal stake in the performance and success of the organization. In this fun and professional work environment, it’s not uncommon to see staff riding a scooter around the office. Employees enjoy regular happy hours, free lunch Fridays and at least one social event each month.

Really gives you a feel for the vibrant, effervescent environment, right? Okay, you probably have to be here (or at least drive by on tailgate day). But we are, as we said, very pleased to have made this list again, and we’ll work hard to stay on it.

You want to get weird? Let’s get weird.

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