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It’s easy to forget that Ashton Tiffany, which began its operations in a pillow fort, is now a global behemoth. Don’t believe me? Our two new employees, Jamie Kidd and Karen Crosby, are living proof. They’re redolent of the international.

Let’s start with Jamie:

Jamie was born in the megalopolis of El Paso/Juarez. Two big cities. Two big countries. And the overhead shot is truly impressive:

(To give you a sense of scale, each inch on that photo represents three thousand miles.)

Jamie’s favorite food could be something all-American like Pop Rocks, but it’s not. It’s Italian. (There’s no disputing that bongo is the best thing you will ever put in your mouth. Better than Hamlet’s soliloquy. Anything else is crazy-talk.)

Her dream vacation? Paris. Farthest place she’s traveled? Canada. Childhood aspiration? To be an interpreter at the United Nations.

Jamie doesn’t like to run up the score, so we’ll have her lateral over to Karen. This is Karen:

Karen’s bio touches Mexico (favorite food), Scotland (favorite movie = Braveheart), England (favorite band = Rolling Stones), Ireland (dream vacation), and Norway (favorite constitutional monarchy).

Karen may be a citizen of the world, but there’s one thing about her that’s as American as bald eagles, UFO sightings, and rampant obesity: She’s been a Pittsburgh Steelers fan since 1978.

To you, Jamie and Karen, we say willkommen, bienvenido, kíimak ‘oolal, and hey what’s up? Though the globe is your playground, we hope you always come back home to us.

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