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During all of this pandemic stuff, you think claims are following stay-at-home orders? Not a chance. They’re out raising hell, as always. But don’t worry; Jake Wilson’s on the job.

For the few of you who don’t know his face, here he is:

Jake handles his work a little differently. He’s got a commercial pilot’s license, so he can survey pending claims activity from the air. When the proverbial tea kettle’s about to whistle, he radios the claims Rapid Response Team (RRT) from up in the big blue. (RRT uses cell phones, of course, so they never get his warnings. Still, it’s cool to see.)

Jake may own the skies, but claims are wily. Beat them in the air, and they’ll just take to the ground. With Jake, though, they’re out of luck—he knows Brazilian jiujitsu. Sure, they can try escaping to the water, but Jake’s a scuba diver. Quicksand and outer space are about their only remaining refuge. If it comes to that, though, a rogue claim will usually go looking for a softer foe.

When the day’s done (long after sundown), Jake likes to relax at his favorite hideaway with a handful of Cajun crickets, a smoky-soft Lagavulin 16, a filet mignon with bleu cheese crown, and a Gurkha Black Dragon. For dessert all he needs is the memory of another amazing day taming claims.

Finally, when it’s time to head home, Jake pays his regards to staff and the chef and leaves without a fuss. Still, every eye in the room is on him. Should he nod in your direction as he makes his way to the door, cherish it—that’s Jake Frickin’ Wilson we’re talking about.

Oh and did we mention? He works for Ashton Tiffany now.

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