Stay on top of all the fascinating developments at Ashton Tiffany and the wild world of risk management.


Meet Bryan Ritter.

He knows the right way to spell “Brian,” but he doesn’t care. When you do this, he does that, thank you very much.

Take your attitude regarding avoidable losses. You careen through life, slipping on wet floors, stepping on rakes, falling down stairs, breaking all your bones. You eat bananas and toss away the peels as if you lived in a garbage dump. You read text messages as you walk across a construction girder 50 stories up. You grab glowing rivets with your bare hands because you think they’re pretty. You chase squirrels in your backhoe.

Bryan sees such behavior and says, “Stop it, you heedless doofus.” And you do stop. You even resolve to be a more heedful doofus. Why? Because Bryan speaks with the authority of his decade in the biz; because he’s a certified safety professional; and because he knows construction risk the way you know chicken wings and beer.

Because of all that, many losses are prevented and controlled.

Bryan has gotten so good at this kind of work, we’ve decided to move him into newer, weightier, and far more boring areas of responsibility: general risk management consulting, client service, vendor relationship management, board materials prep, insurance policy analysis, etc.

Here, he will thrive. Indeed, he is already doing so.

You see him below, standing in the shadow of Messrs. Ashton and Tiffany. But he casts a pretty long shadow of his own. Welcome to your new role, Bryan.

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