Risk Manager vs sommelier

Risk Manager vs Sommelier

Intelligence operative. Sommelier. Paranormal investigator. Movie critic. Theme park designer. Treasure hunter. Risk management professional.

Yes, that last thing IS like the others. You don’t have to take our word for it. This is from a recent University of Southern California news item:

So you want a job that’s fast-paced and interesting, with duties and challenges that change with the day. You want a job with great mentors and plenty of potential for career growth. Of course you want decent pay. Most of all, you want to feel like what you do is useful, maybe even world-changing.

You’re probably not thinking about insurance or risk management. But you should be.

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Mike Tiffany and John Ashton launched this company as mere boys. In those early days, Ashton Tiffany was the risk management equivalent of a neighborhood lemonade stand. If you came to the AT offices—that is, if you approached John and Mike’s folding table at the end of the cul-de-sac—the risks they could help you with were simple, prosaic even: skinned knees, cooties, unequal Hot Wheels trades, etc.

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