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What makes the risk management machine run? Excellence. Also, electricity. Actually, it’s mostly electricity. But excellence, too, for sure.

You want an example? Kim Knaff:

Kim recently joined us as a workers’ compensation claims adjuster. She got her degree from Mercer University, which is the oldest private university in Georgia. That’s right…it could have been the oldest public university in Georgia, or it could have been the oldest private university in, say, North Dakota. But Kim demanded more.

You know what else? She demonstrates a powerful intellectual discipline that makes her great at her job. Example: she loves basketball, and her favorite movie is “Love and Basketball.” Had she chosen, “Pan’s Labyrinth,” who could have blamed her? But that would have put the whole system at risk. That’s not how Pam works. And that’s why she works for us.

Then there’s Peter Gregory:

Yes, he’s got two first names, because he wants you to feel comfortable. Ask him about his favorite leisure activity, and he’ll say, “reading history.” You might say, “Nerd alert!”, but oh, how wrong you’d be. Peter has skied in Australia; single-handedly removed the “bore” from Bora-Bora; and sung karaoke in some of the world’s sketchiest gin joints (his go-to number: “Wrecking Ball”).

Growing up, he wanted to be a philosopher. He’s getting there, gradually, doing a little underwriting for Ashton Tiffany along the way. As much as we want to see him in a toga on the public square, here’s hoping he never leaves us.

Welcome, Kim and Peter. Grab some cocoa and a seat by the fire.


Seriously, ask a bird.

You may have heard, too, about things happening in threes. Those of you who wantonly step on sidewalk cracks probably dismiss this idea as Neanderthal superstition. And yet, we have three new hires, all planting their flags in AT soil at the same time. Makes one think.

Standing in the batter’s box, and bringing big lumber, is Melinda Rhoden. Are you unemployed? Melinda will process your claim. Are you having a Charlie Sheen, “Who am I?” moment from Wall Street? Melinda does lay counseling. Do you need to know the future perfect forms of the word “flay” in Polish? Good luck with that. (But if you need it in Spanish, boom, Melinda has you covered.)

Also, one time she ate a duck fetus.

Here’s Melinda!




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Risk Manager vs sommelier

Risk Manager vs Sommelier

Intelligence operative. Sommelier. Paranormal investigator. Movie critic. Theme park designer. Treasure hunter. Risk management professional.

Yes, that last thing IS like the others. You don’t have to take our word for it. This is from a recent University of Southern California news item:

So you want a job that’s fast-paced and interesting, with duties and challenges that change with the day. You want a job with great mentors and plenty of potential for career growth. Of course you want decent pay. Most of all, you want to feel like what you do is useful, maybe even world-changing.

You’re probably not thinking about insurance or risk management. But you should be.

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