Our Story


our mission

The world’s dangerous. Life is risky. A storm blows the roof off. A pallet of bricks falls on an employee. A patient gets a liver transplant when they need a kidney. A rogue employee leaks sensitive intelligence.

Risk is our enemy. We’ve dedicated our lives to helping organizations reduce it — and reduce the cost of it. We approach the task with a combination of aggressive listening, rigorous fundamentals, and a heavy dose of innovation.

We work risk management magic in a range of categories for a variety of clients. We’ve achieved great successes and made our clients happy and loyal — not to mention safe and solvent.

There’s one more thing you should know. While we take risk management seriously — perhaps because we take risk management seriously — we have a good time doing what we do. There are few aspects of our work we can’t make more enjoyable by, say, producing a series of video spoofs instead of a standard annual report; conducting strategy sessions against the backdrop of a trap-and-skeet outing; or hosting an annual paper airplane contest in the big blue sky over our atrium.

This vibrant creative culture at Ashton Tiffany is a strategic asset. It helps us attract and retain some of the smartest, most talented people in the industry. It also inspires them to work closely together to deliver ground-breaking work for clients.

So, a risk manager, a third-party administrator, and an actuary walk into a bar…